About Us

Spectacular Spaces and Experiences is an idea by 2 leading hospitality executives who have joined forces to redefine luxury hospitality. We believe our customers are not just our guests but the heart of Spectacular Spaces. We endeavor to give you a completely customized ultra luxury experience as per your liking. Completely independent properties all to yourself makes it a different experience all together. Feel at home with your own space and feel a local with us by your side as your Goa friend.

Our properties have been established keeping in mind the diverse locales and surroundings Goa has to offer.

With this we are able to give the guests a new experience at each of our properties, every single time. Something that is not possible to experience with mainstream hotels and resorts. Our experience in the mainstream hospitality industry as well as the homestay industry brings best practices from both the industries into our venture.

Feel like Royalty, ask and you shall receive. We believe you can enjoy a place the most when you feel one with the place and its people.

Our allied services have been designed to do just that. With Iksha, we plan to make this new niche hospitality option a big hit amongst people who love to travel, understand locales and love luxury. Come make us your new Goa friend.